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Fastnet AB

Advisors In Procurement And Logistics For The Solar Industry

Over the years Fastnet gained expertise of the entire wind and solar farm development and operations cycle, spanning from site prospecting and resource assesment, through design and permitting and on to construction and operational asset management.

Emerging together with its markets and clients, Fastnet today is an independent advisory, specialized in procurement and logistics for the solar industry with main focus on Europe, but also beyond the European borders.

Fastnet is working with a team of highly accomplished executive professionals with up to over 25 years experience in managing and financing renewable energy projects (wind, solar, biogas and hydropower) throughout Europe, Canada, USA and UAE.

Fastnet has contacts to solar suppliers worldwide and is acting on behalf of its customers. From negotiating the prices and conditions of purchase contracts over the collection of all necessary documentation up to the transport of equipment to project sites Fastnet people have a proven ability to guide customers throughout all stages of procurement and logistics.

Fastnet’s product knowledge and industry expertise – combined with a global network of first class suppliers – has ensured that its employees are renewable energy experts. 

Our professional team can advise you, how to practically and efficiently apply the renewable range of products – especially where multiple technologies need to be employed to meet your energy targets.

Partnering with some of the best manufacturers ensures that every product in our comprehensive range is one of the best in its class and backed by extensive warranties. Our solutions span both domestic and commercial applications, fully complement each other and meet the requirements for more energy-efficient ways to supply your buildings or industrial processes.

As a privately owned company, we are committed to quality, customer satisfaction and innovation through carefully structured relationships with our core suppliers.

We have solutions available for the renewable production of electricity, heat and warmth for domestic and industrial needs.

Fastnet is your one-stop shop for the wholesale supply of innovative and efficient renewable energy products, having partnered with leading suppliers in the solar industry. Fastnet can organize the supply of solar equipment to you whether you are a domestic or commercial customer, or a supplier of renewable energy products.


In 2019 Fastnet organized the procurement and logistics of more than 17.2 MW solar equipment for their customers in Europe. In 2020 the market and especially logistics became more complex cause of the Corona virus. Fastnet provided solutions to ist customers to avoid delays in the delivery of solar equipment in the critical phase in spring 2020 and so in this year already advised customers in the procurement and logistics for solar plant equipment in an amount of 156.3 MW.

If you

  • own or operate renewable energy power plants
  • develop renewable energy projects
  • are committed to the renewable energy branch as a supplier or sub-contractor

Fastnet is the right partner for you in procurement and logistics.


Takes Care Of Your Procurement And Logistics

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